About the ministry

The Ministry of the Interior exercises  public administration functions in the field of public safety, state border protection, state aid during emergencies and civil protection, control of migration processes, reform of the public administration and state governance system, development of local governance, regional development, creation of civil service system, IT and other fields attributed to the Ministry’s competence.

The mission of the Ministry is to serve the society, guarantee its safety, efficient and professional public administration based on information technologies, also creating conditions for sustainable regional development.

Strategic goals

  • Implementation of public safety policy.
  • Optimising the public administration system based on professional civil service, development of information and knowledge society.
  • Creation of state border control and migration processes management systems in conformity with the requirements of the European Union and Schengen Treaty.
  • Creation of conditions for sustainable regional development.

Activities of the Ministry are governed by

  • the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania
  • laws other legal acts passed by the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania
  • international agreements of the Republic of Lithuania
  • decrees of the President of Lithuania
  • resolutions of the Lithuanian Government and decrees of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania

Activities of the Ministry are based on

  • the Lithuanian Republic Government Programme
  • State Long-Term Development Strategy

The planning system of the Ministry consists of annual and short-term plans, and long-term development strategies.

Programes of the Ministry are realized by administration divisions of the Ministry, institutions under the Ministry and other institutions operating in areas of administration entrusted to the Minister of the Interior.

Their activity is coordinated and controlled by authorities of the Ministry according to the specific spheres of administration.

Last updated: 27-07-2015