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2022 10 03
Vice-Minister Abramavičius discusses migration and border protection issues with a representative from the European Commission

In Brussels, Vice-Minister of the Interior Arnoldas Abramavičius met with Monique Pariat, Director General of the European Commission's Migration and Home Affairs, to discuss the tightened visa regime for Russian citizens, the Belarusian regime's continued attempts to escalate ...

2022 09 19
Russian citizens travelling to the European Union via Lithuania will be subject to stricter controls

Starting Monday from the 19th of September, Russian citizens entering Lithuania through the EU's external border will be subject to stricter controls.

2022 06 27
Minister Bilotaitė: protection of human rights has always been a priority for Lithuania

The Ministry of the Interior, having read the Amnesty International report, notes that, despite open cooperation in providing information for the report, it tends to reflect the views and testimonies of only one side. 

2022 02 24
Ministry of the Interior: Ukrainian refugee reception procedure

The Lithuanian authorities are ready to provide the necessary assistance to Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war caused by Russia. According to Minister of the Interior Agnė Bilotaitė, Lithuania is currently preparing to receive from several thousand to tens of thousands of war refugees from Ukraine.

2022 02 24
Lithuania allocates 1.8 mln Euro worth aid to Ukraine

In response to Ukraine’s request for urgent help, the Government of Lithuania has approved two aid packages to Ukraine. Their total value amounts to 1.8 million euros.

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2022 02 22
Minister A. Bilotaitė suggests EU Ministers meet in Ukraine

Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania Agnė Bilotaitė together with Ministers of the European Union, Schengen, and Western Balkan countries on 21-22 February (in Austria) attended the conference on the return of irregular migrants. Ukraine is also on the agenda, with discussions on the impact of a possible military conflict between Russia and Ukraine on ...

2022 01 03
Almost 100 Irregular Migrants Left Lithuania for Iraq

On 2 January, 98 Iraqi citizens left Lithuania for Iraq on a charter flight, volunteering to return to their homeland. This is the first charter flight from Lithuania to return people who crossed the Lithuanian border illegally to their country of origin because they have not been granted asylum.

2021 11 28
The SBGS reacted about the allegedly found migrant body: we do not have such information

The State Border Guard Service at the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania informs that it has no data on the body of a migrant found on the Belarusian side of the border, as the country's authorities announced on Sunday.

2021 11 09
Government agrees on state of emergency to go into effect

In response to the complicated situation on the Poland-Belarus border, the Government has endorsed a proposal by the Ministry of the Interior regarding the state of emergency with effect from 10 November.

2021 10 27
First segments of the 4-metre-high fence installed on Belarus border

Tetas, a company of the EPSO-G group implementing the project for the construction of a physical barrier on the border with Belarus, has started installing 4-metre-high fence segments on key sections. Firstly, fence segments are being installed in the border section near Druskininkai, where concertina wire has already been laid. On Wednesday, EPSO-G ...

2021 09 29
Tetas starts installing a physical barrier at the border with Belarus

Tetas, a company of the EPSO-G group implementing the physical barrier project at the border with Belarus, has started construction work of the first phase of the project, as discussed today at a meeting of the Project Supervision Commission. Marking has been started in the sections of Druskininkai, A. Barauskas, and Adutiškis frontier stations, and ...

2021 09 22
Registration of migrants completed: efforts to speed up asylum processing

To date, a total of 2 962 illegal migrants have been registered and 2 804 asylum applications filed, as reported by the Migration Department and the SBGS. 517 cases are unregistered, as some of the migrants have refused registration and did not apply for asylum, while others are COVID-19 patients and under quarantine. 164 migrants have been returned from ...

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