Ambassador of Greece: My Country Will Not Forget Solidarity of Lithuania


2017 03 31


Minister of the Interior Eimutis Misiūnas met with the Greek Ambassador to Lithuania Vassiliki Dicopoulou and discussed current issues of illegal migration, refugee relocation and further cooperation between institutions of the countries.

The minister and the ambassador noted that the Lithuanian and Greek cooperation in the area of home affairs is smooth and constructive. Both countries have a lot in common, and it helps them to better understand each other.

"Our countries are responsible for the European Union's external borders protection. Greece has a long external maritime border, Lithuania – external land border. Effective protection of external borders is necessary to ensure not only security of Lithuania and Greece, but also that of the European Union and prevent illegal migration across the external borders", – the Minister E. Misiūnas said during the meeting.

Greek Ambassador, on behalf of her country, thanked for Lithuania's contribution to solving the refugee crisis, due to which Greece has found itself in a complicated situation indeed.

"Although the migration crisis is relatively far away from us, we understand the complicated situation of Greece and the challenges you face. Greece does a great job and the efforts made are important for the entire European Union. Lithuania is a small country, but we express solidarity and are striving as far as possible to meet our obligations and to support ", – said the Minister E. Misiūnas.

During the meeting at the Ministry of the Interior, the EU policy of return and the implementation of the EU–Turkey agreement, as well as the issues of relocation and integration were discussed.