Director of Europol: Lithuania Is an Example of Cooperation


2018 05 29


Catherine De Bolle, Director of the EU Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol), is visiting Lithuania. Possibilities for closer cooperation were discussed at the meeting with the Minister of the Interior Eimutis Misiūnas.

It is one of the first visits abroad for the newly appointed Europol's director Mrs. C. De Bolle.

“Lithuania is an example of good cooperation. Europol has the potential to develop new forms of cooperation and technical platforms, which is especially relevant for smaller countries.” - said Mrs. C. De Bolle.

Lithuania is also one of the most active partners in data exchange.

“Timely exchange of information is particularly important for the officers’ work. We live in a global, mobile world, therefore, cooperation based on mutual trust is a key factor in the fight against organized crime.”, - said the Minister of the Interior Eimutis Misiūnas.

The director of Europol stressed that one of the priority areas for the Agency is the fight against terrorism. However, she noted that it is also very important to pay attention to other areas of crime, such as fight against drug trafficking, etc.

The meeting also addressed the Brexit issues and the challenges it poses.

“Currently, we’re intensively discussing the law enforcement cooperation after the possible UK withdrawal. We believe that the UK must remain one of the main Europol partners. Both we need the UK, and the UK needs us, so there is a need to find the most effective solution.” – said the Director of the EU Agency, and added that the contribution of Lithuanian officers in cooperation with the UK law enforcement agencies is particularly visible and serves an example to other countries.

During her visit to Lithuania, Mrs. C. De Bolle is also visiting the Lithuanian Police to be acquainted with the country's progress and the results of recently completed police reform.

The Director of Europol invited the Minister of the Interior E. Misiūnas to visit the Europol headquarters in The Hague.

By the way, a high-ranking officer stressed that Vilnius is one of two cities in Europe, where she would like to return with her family.

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