EU Home Affairs ministers met to discuss migration challenges and protection of the common European space


2020 01 26


Minister of the Interior Rita Tamašunienė attended an informal meeting of the European Union (EU) Justice and Home Affairs Ministers in Zagreb (Croatia).

One of the topics in the new EU Strategic Agenda is the protection of the integrity of the common European space. From Lithuania’s point of view, in the face of new challenges, it is necessary to strengthen the functioning of the Schengen area and increase its resilience.

‘Protecting the European space is an overarching goal. Its success essentially depends on the ability to effectively of implementing our strategic priorities, such as securing external borders, establishing a functioning migration and asylum system, enhancing law enforcement cooperation, preparedness to react to new security challenges and cooperation with neighbouring countries and regions' – emphasized Minister of the Interior R. Tamašunienė.

As an important priority, Lithuania identifies preparation for a common response to natural and man-made disasters.

‘We welcome the strengthening of the EU civil protection mechanism with rescEU capabilities. However, in order to have effective disaster protection and manage emerging risks, it is essential to find unified solutions for the continued implementation of all the components of rescEU and ensure their suitable geographical distribution. That is why we are proposing to establish one of the EU Civil Protection Centres in Lithuania,’ – the minister introduced the proposal.