Exchange of experience with representatives of Estonian MoI in the area of ensuring public security


2015 11 16


Today Deputy Secretary General for Public Order and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior of Estonia Raivo Küüt and Head of Border Guard Policy Department Viljar Kärk visited the Ministry of the Interior (MoI).

During the meeting with the Vice-Minister Artūras Norkevičius and Chancellor of MoI Algirdas Stončaitis, which was also attended by the representatives of departments of MoI and subdivisions subordinated to MoI, an exchange of information and experience on the most important issues of public security and migration policy took place.

Vice-Minister A. Norkevičius presented the areas supervised by MoI, the main tasks in the area of public security, principles of policy formation and implementation, the most significant changes planned. The delegation also received information on the activity of subdivisions subordinated to MoI, distribution of responsibility areas among the ministry, police and border guard service, etc.

Speaking about currently implemented and future reforms in the area of internal security,  A. Norkevičius underlined the importance of assessing new threats to public security. “In today’s geopolitical situation we face new threats, thus it is crucial to take it into account while organizing the work of services – they must be ready to act together and to react to these threats as effectively as possible”, – Vice-Minister said.

Representatives of the State Border Guard Service under MoI (SBGS) presented functions of this service, structure and main tasks and plans, told about the work of frontier stations, technical border protection means used, etc. The situation in the area of illegal migration and related statistics were presented as well.

Representatives of the police informed the guests from Estonia about the work of police migration subdivisions, functions implemented by the police in the migration area and particularities of implementing them.

During the meeting, the Migration Agenda of the European Union was discussed, information on national decisions of the countries on relocation of refugees from Italy and Greece and most relevant challenges related to the implementation of these decisions was shared.

Today Deputy Secretary General for Public Order and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior of Estonia R. Küüt and Head of Border Guard Policy Department of the Ministry V. Kärk went to the Lithuanian – Byelorussian Border where visited Kena and Padvarionys Frontier Stations of SBGS and got acquainted with their work.