Facebook as a Supporting Tool in a Search of Missing Children


2018 02 21


The Ministry of the Interior (MoI), the Police Department under the MoI, the representatives of the Missing Person’s Families Support Centre as well as the leaders of the social network Facebook joined forces and successfully reached an agreement on the launch of the AMBER Alert Facebook in Lithuania, serving as a modern search system for missing children. It is expected to be launched in the middle of March this year.

With the help of this search system, the information about missing child will be shared faster due to the possibility to specify in the news field of Facebook the region of Lithuania where the child was allegedly missed. As a result, the police will be able to react more efficiently and to prevent a disaster to happen. 

According to officials, the first hours are crucial in the search of missing children. Therefore, the dissemination of important information which includes the places missing child was spotted at is extremely significant for police.

It is important to notice that AMBER Alert Facebook search tool will let public community to get more involved into the process as Lithuanian Facebook users will get alert notifications in case of child‘s health or life is in danger. If citizens have any important or relevant information, they will be able to share it with the police using the contacts provided in the notification message.

„When the child is missing each minute is crucial to avoid the disaster. Therefore, the cooperation between police and public is essential and especially needed“, – says Minister of the Interior Eimutis Misiūnas.

250 000 children in the EU are announced missing each year. In Lithuania, according to Police Department, 1980 children were searched as missing in 2017. Most of them successfully found and safely returned to their families by police officers. Still more than 100 children were searched for more than a month.

AMBER Alert Facebook is an international modern tool to a faster search of missing children. It has been already launched in the EU countries as well as in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and otherwhere.