In-depth information on immigration procedures in all EU Member States is already available on the Web


2011 11 24


The European Union (EU) Immigration Portal has been launched - it is the website with hands-on information for foreign nationals interested in moving to the EU. The site,, provides information on immigration procedures and policies of all 27 EU Member States. Immigrants who already reside in EU and intend to move to another EU Member State, also can find useful information.

According to the viceminister of the Interior Gintaras S. Vyšniauskas, the in-depth, reliable and easily accessible for everyone information on immigration procedures of the EU Member States and hazards of illegal migration, provided by this portal, should further efforts to reduce risks of illegal migration.

Migrants and potential migrants will also find a vast contact directory of governmental and non-governmental organizations which can help them. Explanations on both the procedure of legal entering EU borders and that of visa issuance are provided there and the hazards related to irregular migration, such as trafficking in human beings or illegal transportation of migrants are indicated.

Researchers, students, workers or members of family looking to join their relatives already in the EU, in the Portal can find answers to the questions of interest and information about the Member State they intend to reside. The Portal also links to the websites of national authorities dealing immigration.

Moreover, migrants' support organizations, immigration authorities, employment services and scholars interested in migration issues, can also make use of the information accessible through the Portal.

The EU Immigration Portal information is available in English and French. According to the information of European Commission, Arabic and Spanish versions of the site are underway.

Today, 20.1 million people in the EU are citizens of third countries, representing around 4% of the total EU population. In 2010, EU Member States and the countries participating in the Schengen cooperation issued over 11 million visas. The estimated number of people trafficked to or within the EU amounts to several hundred thousand every year.