In Warsaw, the Interior Ministers of the Baltic countries and Poland will discuss joint actions in case of the need to close the border with Belarus

Minister Agnė Bilotaitė will participate in a meeting of the Ministers of Internal Affairs of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, which will be held in Warsaw on August 28. The ministers will discuss the security situation in the region and a possible action mechanism that would be applied in the event of a need for full regional close of the border with Belarus. The meeting will be held on the initiative of Polish Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration M. Kamiński

"The purpose of the visit is to agree on a unified reaction to possible threats or provocations on the border from the Belarusian side. We also need to agree on clear criteria - in which cases the border with Belarus would be closed, it is equally important to foresee exceptions, which we are obliged to do by both national and international law", says Minister A. Bilotaitė.

Lithuania has already taken measures to strengthen security. Two checkpoints on the border with Belarus were closed, the State Border protection cover plan was updated, and according to which military and border guard exercises will begin on Friday, as well as the increased screening of Belarusian citizens in the country for threats to national security.

Now, not only border guards are vigilant on the border with Belarus - in addition to the military, officers of the police anti-terrorist operations team "Aras" and Special Forces units of the Public Security Service are on duty.