Learning the experience of the Kingdom of Netherlands in the fight against shadow economy


2015 11 02


On 29–30 October, the delegation headed by the Vice-Minister of the Interior Artūras Norkevičius visited the Hague, the Kingdom of Netherlands, where got acquainted with the experience of this country in the fight against organized crime and shadow economy. 

At the Ministry of Security and Justice of the Netherlands, the delegation met with the Deputy Head of Organized Crime Department Paul van Voorst, also with the representatives of Regional Centre for Information and Expertise, Dutch National Crime Agency and other subdivisions.

Vice-Minister Vice-Minister Artūras Norkevičius noted that shadow economy exists in all countries, where the activity is taxed and regulated, but its conception, level and measures for reducing the shadow vary in different countries.

Representatives of the Netherlands underlined that in this country investigation of the shadow is prioritized, both concentrating on identification of networks and applying administrative measures, obligating to legalize and declare an unjustifiably obtained property, to pay unpaid or concealed taxes. In the Netherlands, the system of administration and realization of confiscated or seized during investigation of cases property also is very effective.

During the meeting, it was unanimously agreed that traditional law enforcement cannot fight the shadow alone – an integrated inter-institutional approach involving local government, tax and other institutions and concentrating on the result is necessary. Fighting crime it is important to look for new effective measures, to apply not only penal, but also an administrative and a tax point of view.

During the visit, Vice-Minister A. Norkevičius and the delegation headed by him also met with the representatives of the European Union law enforcement agencies – Europol and Eurojust and got acquainted with the activity of these agencies.