Lithuania will accept 325 refugees


2015 07 21

Lithuania will accept 325 refugees
Lithuania will accept 325 refugees

At the 20th July meeting of the JHA Council of the European Union it was agreed that within the period of two years Lithuania will accept 325 persons in need of international protection.


Minister of the Interior Saulius Skvernelis said that 70 persons will be resettled from third countries and another 255 – relocated from Italy and Greece. The number of persons was defined by each country‘s gross domestic product (GDP) as well as by the total number of the inhabitance. Lithuania is ready to accept the identified number of persons according to the set criteria.

“The decision was achieved on the resettlement of 55 thousand refugees. The question is still open regarding the remaining 5 thousand who have to be relocated by December. I would like to underline that Lithuania as a state will take active part in the process of distribution. We will speak to Italy and Greece to make sure that the persons we are going to relocate shall meet the national security and other interests, labour market demands as well as our social, cultural and historic tradition aspects. Moreover, we are intending to send the so called liaison officers who will actively participate in the process”, says Minister S. Skvernelis.

In his words, it is necessary to take active measures to eliminate the causes of illegal migration. “Tens of thousands of such persons in Italy and Greece is the result of the inability to protect their state borders, the gaps of ineffective return mechanism as well as the insufficient communication with the countries of origin. The EU countries understand that it is equally important not only to cope with the illegal migration outcome but rather - to fight organized criminal groups engaged in illegal smuggling of persons. It is necessary to enhance the external EU border protection and to improve the return mechanisms”, states the Minister.