Luxembourg meeting – on topical migration issues


2015 06 15

Luxembourg meeting – on topical migration issues
Luxembourg meeting – on topical migration issues

Today Minister of the Interior Saulius Skvernelis leaves for Luxembourg where 15–16 June the meeting of Justice and Home Affairs Council of the European Union will take place.


One of the main topics – migration issues. The European Union Agenda on Migration will be discussed and political debates on further development of the European Union’s migration policy will take place.

Ministers also will touch upon the measures proposed by the European Commission in the end of May, which are to ease the burden of Italy and Greece which are under particular migratory pressure, relocating from these countries persons in need of protection. Lithuania also will express its position on the issue of relocation of refugees to other Member States of the European Union.

 “It is evident that immediate actions should be directed to the situation in the Mediterranean region. At the same time we must focus on strategic decisions, i.e. to have discussions on short and midterm actions. Strategic attitude and planning is a prevention of the need to take new actions again, as we shall not solve the problem of refugee flow and loss of lives, today’s figures speaking for themselves”, – S. Skvernelis says. 

Speaking about Lithuania’s capacities to host illegal migrants he underlines solidarity as one of essential principles of EU activity. “We understand that all Member States should contribute to easing burden of the countries under particular migratory pressure. Lithuania is determined to follow the principle of solidarity, but we stress the necessity to take into account real capacities of the state and principle of solidarity. Each country, after having assessed its capacities, can decide what number of refugees it is able to absorb and to ensure their integration”, – S. Skvernelis states.

The Minister underlines the particular importance of enhanced focus on the fight against illegal migration. “In this area we must be more ambitious, as the system being non-functional, we become a pull factor for illegal migrants. We must send clear message that Europe is not the place for easy access and illegal residence. We should unify the forces in the fight against organized criminal groupings making business from transporting illegals. We must prevent them, deprive them of illicit instruments of activity, take other actions in order to put an end to this activity finally”, – S. Skvernelis declares.

Agenda of meeting contains other important issues as well, i.e. update of EU Internal Security Strategy and progress while implementing measures of the fight against terrorism.