Minister meets Ambassador of Belarus


2015 03 30

Minister meets Ambassador of Belarus
Minister meets Ambassador of Belarus

During today’s meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to Lithuania Alexander Korol the Minister of the Interior Saulius Skvernelis discussed the issues of improving border traffic, illegal migration, prevention of smuggling and other questions of mutual importance.


“Cooperation of the Lithuanian and Byelorussian law enforcement services is professional and active. We hope constructive contacts between our services will be developed in the future”, – Minister S. Skvernelis said. He underlined that both illegal migration and smuggling are related to organized crime, thus close relations between neighbouring countries institutions, information exchange and participation in joint operations are of extreme importance.

Minister S. Skvernelis noted that main flows of illegal migration reach Lithuania through the Lithuanian– Byelorussian border. For the most illegal migrants Lithuania is a transit state on their way to the Western Europe or Scandinavian states. According to the Minister, Lithuania expects even more intense cooperation with Byelorussian services in the fight against illegal migration and solving the problem of return of illegal migrants.

The Minister stressed Lithuania’s support to the mobility partnership initiative between the European Union and Belarus, and expressed hope that joint measures will be helpful while efficiently developing cooperation in the area of migration flows management.

The Ambassador handed the Minister the draft agreement on cooperation between the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania and the State Forensic Science Committee for consideration.