Minister met the Ambassador of Georgia


2015 05 05

Minister met the Ambassador of Georgia
Minister met the Ambassador of Georgia

During the meeting of the Minister Saulius Skvernelis with the Georgian Ambassador Khatuna Salukvadze (which took place on the 5th of May), the issues of bilateral relations as well as the perspective of further cooperation in the sphere of internal affairs were discussed.


After expressing his appreciation to the Ambassador for paying a visit to the Ministry, the Minister noted that in the course of history, the two countries have developed very warm contacts which form a good basis for even closer relationship in different spheres of life.

“We are delighted that our countries have well-built relations in the sphere of home affairs – active and professional cooperation between the Lithuanian and Georgian counterparts is being consistently developed. In recent years, several important agreements, specifically - on cooperation in combating organized crime and on mutual assistance in crisis management have been signed. We hope that successful cooperation will advance further”.

Minister Skvernelis noted that over the past few years, our countries are facing serious security challenges. In this context, he emphasized that Lithuania always expresses its invariable support to Georgia’s territorial integrity.

Ambassador Salukvadze expressed her appreciation of Lithuania’s comprehensive assistance and good relationship with Georgia in the sphere of home affairs: active cooperation of both countries’ police forces in the framework of “Euroeast” program, organization of joint police trainings, exchanging of best practices thereof. She also touched on the valuable Lithuanian experts’ contribution into the execution of the Georgian police reform. In this regard, the Ambassador informed the participants of the meeting that in the near future, Georgia is intending to establish the position of a liaison officer in several embassies abroad. It is planned that the police attaché stationed in Warsaw would also cover the Lithuanian liaison needs.

During the meeting, the illegal immigration topic was also touched upon since in the course of the recent years Lithuania is witnessing a considerable flow of illegal migrants from Georgia. The Minister expressed hope that the initiation of the police attaché activity which presupposes better exchange of operational information might have positive effect on the improvement of the illegal migration situation in general.

At the end of the meeting, Minister Skvernelis expressed his support in the issue of utmost importance for Georgia – joining of a visa-free regime with the EU. This issue is due on the agenda of the Riga Eastern Partnership Summit in the end of May.