Minister’s of the Interior E. Misiūnas first visit to Europol


2019 03 22


21–22 March Minister of the Interior Eimutis Misiūnas for the first time visited the EU Judicial Cooperation Agency Eurojust and the EU Law Enforcement Agency Europol in The Hague (the Netherlands).

On Friday, Minister of the Interior E. Misiūnas visited the headquarters of Europol, where he met Catherine De Bolle, Executive Director of the European Law Enforcement Agency, last March elected to lead this Agency.

Ms. De Bolle, head of Europol, spoke in favour of strengthening cooperation in the field of criminal intelligence and fighting international serious and organized crime, as well as terrorism. During the meeting, dismantling of criminal networks, prevention of terrorism and cyber-security were identified as the most important areas of cooperation.

“The efficient cooperation of our national law enforcement agencies both with Europol and Eurojust is of utmost importance in order to ensure rapid investigation of crimes, prompt data and information exchange at international level, as well as managing risks and preventing organized crime. We agree that the priority is the same – it’s public security”, – says Minister of the Interior E. Misiūnas.

During the visit, the Minister also met with the Lithuanian community working at Europol. Europol employs more than 1,000 people, among them over 10 Lithuanians.

The Minister also had a meeting with the President of Eurojust Ladislav Hamran on Thursday. The possibilities for further cooperation in the field of international organized crime prevention, terrorism, the perspective of the EU law enforcement funding as well as the adequate and sustainable budget for the EU agencies for the years to come were discussed.

During the visit, Minister of the Interior E. Misiūnas also met Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to the Kingdom of the Netherlands Vidmantas Purlys. They have discussed the integration of the Lithuanian community in the Netherlands and the referendum on granting dual citizenship issues.