National Exercises to begin in Lithuania - warning sirens will sound


2019 09 30


Sirens will be tested in Lithuania on Tuesday (October 1) morning from 10:15 till 10:18 a.m. A test of the public warning and information system will take place for 18 minutes. Normally, this alert system is tested twice a year, but this year it is also a part of state-level functional exercises.

This test will also launch state-level civil protection functional exercises on 1-4 of October. It will simulate a nuclear or radiological situation at a nuclear power plant on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and test how well the authorities are prepared to respond and perform the functions set out in the National Plan for the Protection of Citizens.

“We have to take these exercises responsibly and seriously. Population will hear sirens and system verification messages will be sent to mobile phones. A single message received on time can help prevent a disaster. Therefore, I strongly encourage checking if this information reaches you. If not, do not hesitate to take care of your safety - visit the Lithuanian Emergency Preparedness site and prepare your phones according to the instructions provided”, - emphasizes Minister of the Interior Rita Tamašunienė.
According to the Minister, the purpose of these exercises is to find out where the actions and co-operation of institutions should be strengthened to avoid possibility of duplication of functions. Therefore, it will also define clear responsibilities of institutions and possibly initiate amendments to legislation to ensure public safety.

“At the moment, very important exercises are starting in the country. More than twenty institutions are involved. Participants will gain a practical experience that would be greatly needed in the event of a real nuclear or radiological incident”, - says Mindaugas Kanapickas, Acting Director of the Fire and Rescue Department.
On 1 October, those who hear the sirens should immediately turn on radio or TV to hear imminent threats and safety information. Population will see and hear information and messages related to a simulated radiation or nuclear event as part of the exercises.
In the afternoon, the Government Emergency Commission, headed by the Minister of the Interior Rita Tamašunienė, will be convened at the Ministry of the Interior. During the meeting, the Commission will appoint the head of the Operations Centre to conduct exercises.