Qualitative study of the vulnerable groups in Lithuania presented at the Ministry of Interior


2019 10 31

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The results of a qualitative study of the vulnerable groups in Lithuania were presented during an event at the Ministry of Interior on the 29th of October. Various organisations from both the public and the private sector participated in the event. 

The study aimed to analyse the vulnerabilities of people of Jewish, Romani, or Muslim origin, people of colour, and people from the LGBTI community. The researchers have evaluated the effect which hate speech and other forms of hate crime have had on these populations of the country and the factors determining whether law enforcement institutions have been notified about such crimes. The study has also determined the needs of the communities in question in terms of how they could be better protected and supported in the face of hate crimes. 

The results of the study are going to be used to form recommendations for Lithuanian public sector institutions, such as law enforcement, so they are better equipped to deal with prejudice-motivated crime.

The project ‘Strengthening response to hate crime and hate speech in Lithuania’ is funded by the EU Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020) and is being implemented by the Ministry of the Interior, the Office of the Inspector of Journalist Ethics and the Prosecutor General’s Office.