R. Tamasuniene highlights hybrid threats during the meeting of the European Union Justice and Home Affairs Council


2019 10 08


The Minister of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, Rita Tamasuniene, has been attending the meeting of the European Union Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council on the 7-8 October in Luxembourg. The main questions discussed in the meeting have been internal security and migration issues.

Lithuania has been particularly focused on the topic of hybrid threats. R. Tamasuniene stated that Lithuania has been one of the most proactive EU members in raising the question about the coordinated action of the EU in the area of hybrid threats.‘‘Lithuania supports stronger coordination of the actions of the EU members with regards to hybrid threats. The relevant EU agencies and Competence Centres should know their functions and responsibilities clearly and aim to contribute to each other‘s work and avoid duplication of their duties.‘‘, the Interior Minister said.

Lithuania has recently renewed its National security strategy which lists hybrid threats as they key ones to the country‘s security. In order to accommodate for the challenges of the hybrid threats, Lithuania has also updated its legal framework as well as created more favourable conditions for the successful functioning of the National strategic reseach and analysis centre.

During the JHA meeting, the Ministers of Interior of the European Union member states have also discussed the fight against terrorism and extremism, the ways in which new technologies affect internal security, interoperability between EU information systems, and migration.