Representatives of Kazakh Prosecutor General's Office Were Introduced to E-File System


2017 04 25


On Monday, the delegation headed by the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan Žakip Asanov visited the Ministry of the Interior (MoI). During the meeting with the Vice-Minister of the Interior Česlovas Mulma, guests were introduced to Integrated Criminal Procedure Information System (IBPS) the so-called e-file, operating in Lithuania, and an exchange of views on topical issues took place.

Kazakh officials were particularly interested in e-file information system creation, its management and operation, as well as possibilities of various institutions involved in criminal proceedings to use it. In Lithuania, this system is used by pre-trial investigators, prosecutors and pre-trial investigation judges.

According to Vice-Minister Č. Mulma, although the creation of the system required quite a lot of time and money, it gave a great effect – a system accelerated the pre-trial processes and made it cheaper.

E-file united databases and information systems of all the institutions involved in the criminal procedure into a single information system. For officers engaged in the pre-trial cases, now it is easier to exchange information, execution of criminal procedure and preparation of procedural documents are automated and necessary information is kept in one file,"– noted Vice-Minister.

Representatives of Information Technology and Communications Department under MoI and Police Department under MoI demonstrated how the system handled the pre-trial data, procedural documents forms are used, data forms and reports to appropriate registers are generated. In this process everything is fixed – all actions of officers from the agencies involved in investigation and information related to investigating criminal activity starting with its registration up to issuance of indictment and referring the case formed in the information system to the court.

On 24 April, the Kazakh Prosecutor General's delegation visited Vilnius on a working visit. During it, a bilateral agreement between Lithuania and Kazakhstan on transfer of the sentenced to imprisonment persons and persons to whom compulsory medical measures are applied was signed at the Ministry of Justice.