Russia could use Interpol to crack down on Lithuanian officials


2018 11 20

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The Interpol General Assembly session to elect the new president of International criminal police organization (Interpol) will take place in Dubai this Wednesday. Minister of the Interior Eimutis Misiūnas says that all efforts are currently being made to prevent election of Alexander Prokopchuk, a candidate put forward by the Russian Federation, as the new president.

“Three days of active bilateral meetings are taking place before the upcoming election. Together with other EU countries and NATO allies we are the main voices advocating that if the Russian candidate is selected, Interpol could become a politicized instrument for the regime. We have already witnessed in the past that Russia had intentions to use international arrest warrants and other instruments available through Interpol to crack down on Russian democratic and civil society activists as well as Lithuanian officials”, - says minister Misiūnas.

Back in July the Minister of the Interior sent a letter to the General Secretary of Interpol informing him about the possible provocations from Russia, after Russia had announced publicly that it intends to launch pre-trial investigations on Lithuanian prosecutors and judges working with the case of January 13th.     

In his letter E. Misiūnas informed that Russia might try to get international arrest warrants sanctioned through Interpol for the arrests of Lithuanian officials.