The last Foreigner Registration Centre in the country has been closed

The Foreigner's Registration Centre in Alytus will close on the 8th of May. Following the outbreak of Russia's war against Ukraine on 24 February last year, the Ministry of the Interior urgently set up 7 registration centres, the first of which was in Alytus.

"With the number of Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war almost completely reduced, a decision has been taken to close the last Ukrainian registration centre in the country. Ukrainians are still welcome in Lithuania, where they will be provided with all the assistance they need," says vice-minister Arnoldas Abramavičius.

From now on, Ukrainians arriving in Lithuania should go directly to any Migration Department office. The hotline 1808 will also continue to operate. The hotline will provide Ukrainians with relevant information on accommodation, social and health care, returning home and other important issues. The hotline is open daily from 8 am to 8 pm. Operators provide advice to war refugees in Ukrainian, English and Russian.

Humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians arriving in Lithuania is provided in each municipality at the centres of non-governmental organisations such as Lithuanian Caritas, the Lithuanian Red Cross, the Food Bank and the Order of Malta Relief Service. In Alytus, humanitarian aid will be available at Ligoninės Street 3-19.

According to the police, the two Ukrainian women who worked in the Alytus registration centre will continue to work in the Alytus municipality and provide assistance to their compatriots who have arrived in Lithuania. In total, 7 Ukrainian citizens work for the police.

On the 25th of February 2022 The Alytus Registration Centre received the first Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war. During the whole period, 10,707 persons applied to the Registration Centre and 5,722 Ukrainians temporarily resided here. The Registration Centre provided registration, temporary accommodation, social services and advice on employment and other issues. 550 volunteers worked there and 4 101 people volunteered in shifts.

The registration of war refugees from Ukraine took place for a while in several cities in the country - Vilnius, Kaunas, Alytus, Panevėžys, Klaipėda, Marijampole and Šiauliai. At peak times, more than 2,000 Ukrainians were arriving in Lithuania daily. A total of 76 578 Ukrainian citizens (including 26 152 children under 18 years of age) were registered in the electronic services system MIGRIS. Currently, 45 168 persons have valid residence permits on the basis of temporary protection.