Traffic and people can pass through the Medininkai checkpoint

After the suspension of the Medininkai checkpoint ((border with Belarusia)  for more than a day, on Sunday at 9 p.m. the traffic of cars and people through it is renewed in both directions.

The decision to resume the operation of the point was made by the State Border Guard Service (VSAT) after the Belarusian border guards accepted a 38-year-old Pakistani citizen into their territory on Sunday, around 20:00.

As recently as Friday evening, the Lithuanian border guards found that this foreigner tried to illegally enter Lithuania from Belarus by shuttle bus with a forged Romanian driver's license and identity card. He was not allowed to enter Lithuania, but Belarusian officials refused to take him back, as is mandatory in such cases.

From Friday evening until Sunday, the foreigner was not allowed to enter the Belarusian side of the border of both states. Since the presence of a person in such a place with intense traffic flow through it poses a danger to both his own safety and the safety of all traffic, and the Belarusian border guards did not allow the foreigner to return to their territory, from Saturday at 1 p.m. VSAT temporarily stopped traffic through the Medininkai checkpoint.

Information from the State Border Guard Service under the Ministry of Interior