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2020 12 03
Government approves tighter lockdown rules

The adverse epidemic coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Lithuania has necessitated further tightening of the lockdown rules by restricting the size of gatherings , banning the operation of temporary vendors in malls and supermarkets. It has also been recommended to discontinue short-term sales promotion measures to bring down visitor flows.

2020 12 02
Free Lithuanian national visas for regime-persecuted Belarusians

On 2 December, the Government has decided to issue Lithuanian national visas free of charge to regime-persecuted Belarusians. The proposal was brought forward by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2020 11 26
Lockdown to continue until 17 December with restrictions eased on visits to museums

In view of the adverse epidemic coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Lithuania and in the world, the Government decided on Wednesday to extend the lockdown until 17 December. The Cabinet has removed however restriction from visits to museums and galleries for groups of maximum 2 people as of 10 December 2020.  This will also apply to tours in ...

2020 11 23
Online Closing event of the Twinning project in Sakartvelo

On Thursday, 19 th November 2020, the final Steering Commitee (SC) meeting of the Twinning project “Support to Implementation of the Civil Service Reform in Georgia” was held online with the participation of the SC members, Ambassadors of Lithuania and Georgia, key stakeholders and represetnatives of Georgian public institutions. The main goal of this summarising event ...

2020 11 10
As Brexit approached, the Seimas approved amendments to the Law

Today, Lithuanian Parliament approved the draft amendment to the Law on the Legal Status of Aliens presented by the Ministry of the Interior, which aims to align the provisions of the law with the provisions of the Art. 18.4 of the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement.

2020 11 05
Nationwide lockdown as of Saturday

The Government has decided on Wednesday to introduce a three-week nationwide lockdown. Some businesses will have to halt or reduce their operations, tighter infection control measures will be enforced, and work and education will be arranged with a minimum of contacts.

2020 10 23
Official: traffic light system for countries

In line with the recommendations approved by the European Council, at its meeting on Wednesday the Government decided on the criteria to be applied at the national level, based on which all the countries of the European Union would be divided into four groups according to the traffic light principle. Based on the criteria, the risk will be assessed, the list of the affected countries ...

2020 10 07
Tighter requirements for mass events will help prevent coronavirus infection

The Government has approved a draft amendment to the Resolution declaring a state of national emergency submitted by the Ministry of the Interior, one of the main objectives of which is to change the principles for compiling the List of the Affected Countries approved by the Minister of Health. 

2020 10 01
Further Government regulations on entry of foreign nationals into the country

Today, the Government has approved a proposal of the Ministry of the Interior to provide for additional conditions for smoother entry of highly-qualified staff, lecturers, and researchers. Their applications for temporary residence permits in Lithuania will be processed online. Where entry is granted, the original biometric data of the documents ...

2020 09 15
The final conference of the hate crime prevention project was held

The final conference of the project “Strengthening the Response to Hate Crimes and the Language of Hate in Lithuania” funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014–2020) was held on 10 th of September, 2020.

2020 08 13
Government decisions regarding events

On Wednesday, the Government decided to increase the maximum number of participants in indoor events to 600 people from August 16 to 31. From 1 September onwards, the number of participants will no longer be restricted, but it will be important to follow the decisions of the State Commander of National Emergency Operations as regards the requirements (keeping distance, wearing protective ...

2020 08 12
R. Tamašunienė: Lithuania will always be safe haven for persecuted foreign citizens

"We are closely monitoring the situation in Belarus and have prepared a plan of measures for the possible event of an increase in the number of Belarusian citizens applying for asylum in Lithuania. Persons who will apply for asylum and qualify for refugee status will be granted such asylum in our country”, – says Minister of the Interior ...

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