Public Administration

Public administration means the executive activities of state and local authorities, also the activities of other entities empowered by law, regulated by laws and other legal acts, intended for the implementation of laws, other legal acts and local government ordinances and for the administration of planned public services.

The Republic of Lithuania Law on Public Administration is the main legal act regulating public administration. One of most important purposes of the Law is to create the necessary legal preconditions for the implementation of the clause of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania stipulating that the responsibility of governmental institutions is to serve the people. According to that that this Law defines the subjects of public administration and their system, principles of the activities, grounds for administrative regulation, administration of the rendering of public services and internal administration of institutions, also administrative procedures and duties while analysing and making decisions on personal applications and claims.

One of the priority activities of the Ministry of the Interior is to form state policy in the field of public administration, as well as to arrange and to coordinate its implementation. In order to achieve the above-mentioned purpose, the following actions are taken:

  • Preparation of draft laws and other legal acts on the system of public administration subjects, administrative regulation, rendering of administrative services, development of administration of the rendering of public services and internal administration of public administration subjects;
  • Coordination of the implementation of administrative policy of the rendering of public services;
  • Formation and implementation of the quality management policy in the field of public administration;
  • Analysis and evaluation of the experience of the EU member states and other countries,  preparation of proposals on the use of good practice in the filed of public administration;
  • Establishment and implementation of the administrative burden reduction policy.

Seeking to exercise the above-mentioned functions, the Public Administration Policy Division was established within the Public Governance Policy Department of the Ministry of the Interior. 

While forming the public administration policy and seeking to ensure the consistent and purposeful process of public administration development, the particular attention is paid to:

  • Development of public administration system. Measures for the modernisation of public administration system, optimisation of the distribution of the functions among the public administration subjects and ensuring more effective use of funds of the state budget are being taken.
  • Improvement of the quality of public and administrative services and reduction of the administrative burden to the citizens. Measures for the improvement of service quality for those applying to the public administration institutions and establishments by introducing the single window principle and reducing the administrative burden are being implemented.
  • Promotion of the initiatives on the public administration quality management.  Measures for the ongoing presentation of the EU and national good practice to the public administration institutions and establishments, promotion of the introduction of methods of public administration quality management and innovations of customer service development are being implemented.

The above-mentioned measures are aimed at establishing transparent, effective, results-oriented public administration system meeting the needs and requirements of the citizens.

Last updated: 20-09-2023