2020 10 23
Official: traffic light system for countries

In line with the recommendations approved by the European Council, at its meeting on Wednesday the Government decided on the criteria to be applied at the national level, based on which all the countries of the European Union would be divided into four groups according to the traffic light principle. Based on the criteria, the risk will be assessed, the list of the affected countries...

2020 10 07
Tighter requirements for mass events will help prevent coronavirus infection

The Government has approved a draft amendment to the Resolution declaring a state of national emergency submitted by the Ministry of the Interior, one of the main objectives of which is to change the principles for compiling the List of the Affected Countries approved by the Minister of Health. 

2020 10 01
Further Government regulations on entry of foreign nationals into the country

Today, the Government has approved a proposal of the Ministry of the Interior to provide for additional conditions for smoother entry of highly-qualified staff, lecturers, and researchers. Their applications for temporary residence permits in Lithuania will be processed online. Where entry is granted, the original biometric data of the documents...

2020 09 15
The final conference of the hate crime prevention project was held

The final conference of the project “Strengthening the Response to Hate Crimes and the Language of Hate in Lithuania” funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014–2020) was held on 10 th of September, 2020.

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