2021 09 29
Tetas starts installing a physical barrier at the border with Belarus

Tetas, a company of the EPSO-G group implementing the physical barrier project at the border with Belarus, has started construction work of the first phase of the project, as discussed today at a meeting of the Project Supervision Commission. Marking has been started in the sections of Druskininkai, A. Barauskas, and Adutiškis frontier stations, and ...

2021 09 22
Registration of migrants completed: efforts to speed up asylum processing

To date, a total of 2 962 illegal migrants have been registered and 2 804 asylum applications filed, as reported by the Migration Department and the SBGS. 517 cases are unregistered, as some of the migrants have refused registration and did not apply for asylum, while others are COVID-19 patients and under quarantine. 164 migrants have been returned from ...

koncertinos-statybos-lietuvos-ir-baltarusijos-pasienyje-610be8ec24755 (1).jpg
2021 09 13
EPSO-G’s UAB Tetas to construct a physical barrier at the border with Belarus during the first phase

The construction of the physical barrier on the most important, approximately 111-kilometer-long border sections with Belarus will be performed by UAB Tetas, a company of the EPSO-G group. The decision was approved by the Project Supervision Commission headed by the Prime Minister. On Monday, the Commission approved ...

2021 09 07
Project supervision commission approves project phases to construct a physical barrier at the border with Belarus

The more than 500-kilometres-long physical barrier project will be implemented in two phases, with the first works on the most important 100-kilometre stretch starting in the second half of September. This was decided on Saturday by the Commission for the Supervision of the Project of the Physical ...

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