Security of information technologies

Information technology (IT) is a complex of technical, programmable and organisational means for processing, transferring or maintaining information in any other way.

Aim of IT security is to ensure the security of processed, transferred or maintained information.

Information security has to ensure confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information, i.e. to provide access to the authorised persons only, to ensure that any changes or removals of information are not made in incidental or illegal way and to maintain information duly and in time.

By creating state policy in the field of IT security, as well as by organising, coordinating and controlling its implementation, the Ministry of the Interior:

  • Prepares and approves draft laws on IT security, as well as draft orders of the Minister of the Interior, and, if necessary, prepares resolutions of the Government and other legal acts on IT security and provides them to the Government;
  • Controls the implementation of state policy in the field of IT security within the establishments subordinate to the Ministry;
  • Organises the performance of functions of the Security Accreditation Authority; 
  • Coordinates IT projects allocated within the competence of the Ministry;
  • Supervises the implementation of state policy in the field of personal identification in cyber space;
  • Coordinates IT security in state institutions and establishments.

Last updated: 20-09-2023