Lithuania allocates 1.8 mln Euro worth aid to Ukraine


2022 02 24


In response to Ukraine’s request for urgent help, the Government of Lithuania has approved two aid packages to Ukraine. Their total value amounts to 1.8 million euros.

‘We have decided to offer our assistance as a matter of urgency to Ukraine, which is currently facing unprecedented military aggression from Russia. Our immediate reaction is an important sign of support and solidarity with Ukraine. This is the first shipment of aid. We will continue to help Ukraine as much as we can, because Ukraine currently serves as our  security shield,’ said Minister for the Interior Agnė Bilotaitė.

Lithuania’s aid package to Ukraine includes equipment for firefighting and rescue operations - boats, mobile heating devices, individual dosimeters and gas masks, firefighting gloves and balaclavas, also firewalls, routers, service station, all totalling to 260 thousand euros. The European Union International Civil Protection Mechanism has been used to this effect.

According to the Minister Agnė Bilotaitė, Ukraine badly needs help and solidarity from international partners. Other eight countries have also come forward with their help to Ukraine: Croatia, Slovenia, France, Ireland, Austria, Spain, Romania, Sweden.

Ukraine needs vehicles and special equipment, personal protective equipment, communication and medical equipment.