Tetas starts installing a physical barrier at the border with Belarus


2021 09 29


Tetas, a company of the EPSO-G group implementing the physical barrier project at the border with Belarus, has started construction work of the first phase of the project, as discussed today at a meeting of the Project Supervision Commission. Marking has been started in the sections of Druskininkai, A. Barauskas, and Adutiškis frontier stations, and construction equipment has been brought in. On Wednesday, Tetas has also started deployment of concertina wire in Druskininkai frontier station.

On Wednesday, EPSO-G group has presented the progress of the work to the Project Supervision Commission headed by the Prime Minister.

Following deployment of the concertina wire in the most important border sections, installation of fence segments will start. It is planned that the first segments manufactured in accordance with the requirements specified by the State Border Guard Service under the Ministry of the Interior (SBGS) will be brought to the border and construction will start in October, with the fastest construction phase taking place in November and December.

In compliance with the technical specification given by the SBGS, Tetas has undertaken to build the entire physical barrier in the border section of approximately 100 kilometres by the end of April next year. Under the operational plan of the project, the concertina barrier will be comprised of several spiral segments in the border section right next to the state border. Later on, fence segments with a spiral concertina wire on top of them will be built in Lithuania’s territory. The total height of the fence with a spiral concertina wire on it will amount to approximately 4 meters.

In preparation for the second phase of construction of the approximately 400-kilometre-long physical barrier, EPSO-G plans to launch a call for tenders this week. It is planned to sign contracts with several companies that can perform the work by September next year.

The Project Supervision Commission is headed by the Prime Minister and includes the Minister of the Interior, Minister of Energy, Minister of National Defence, Minister of Environment, Minister of Finance, SBGS Commander, Head of the State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate under the Ministry of Environment, and a representative of the Project Promoter, EPSO-G.